St. James Hospital

The St James Hospital Group provides a wide range of services ranging from a simple blood test to cosmetic surgery, dental services and laser hair removal, and is ranked one as one of the best private hospital services in Malta. The Group has been around since 1984 and, to date, have four hospitals and clinics located on the Island, with another two found overseas.

One of these hospitals is located in the heart of Sliema, originally operating under the name of ‘Capua Palace Hospital’ as, historically, the building was once part of the Capua Palace building. It was taken over by the St James Hospital Group in December 2002. The hospital prides itself on four principles: patients, technology, staff and leading consultant. In fact, several consultants have taken to holding private consultations within the hospital, and expert service is provided in detail. The hospital continues to invest in the latest technological equipment to ensure the best service is provided to all. An eye clinic is also incorporated within the hospital.

As preventative healthcare plays an increasingly important role in everyday life, St James’ Hospital offers special screening packages, allowing early detection of medical problems. Reports are then provided to the patient, along with the doctor’s advice and recommendations.

The hospital caters for 80 patients, with many of the rooms offering scenic views. Each room is completely private and includes an ensuite. A resident doctor is on duty around the clock.  Otherwise, the patient to nursing ratio is 3:1, on average, and visiting hours are unlimited. Wherever required, overnight facilities for the patients’ family members are also provided.


Contact Information:

Saint James Hospital,

George Borg Olivier Street,

Sliema, SLM 1807


T: +356 2329 1000