Sliema Local Council

On the 30th June 1993, the Maltese Parliament approved the Local Councils Act. This resulted in setting up local councils in 68 localities – 54 in Malta and 14 in Gozo. One of these local councils is located in Sliema. The Sliema Local Council is a basic form of local government which deals with some aspects of the local community life and organisation. As stipulated in the Local Councils Act, the number of councillors elected for any Local Council is dependent on the area’s population. As Sliema’s population is between 15,000 and 20,000, the Sliema local council is made up of eleven councillors.

Local councils are held every four years, but may be postponed by a maximum of one year if a general election is to be held. Once elected, councillors hold their positions from the first working day of the next month until the end of the council’s four year term. The council is led by a Mayor, who is elected by obtaining the highest number of votes in the first count (amongst the candidates of the political party which, during the elections, obtained the absolute majority). Should the candidate turn down the position, or vacate the office during the four year term, the person with the second highest number of votes (belonging to the same political party) assumes the role. Until then, such person fulfils the role of the Deputy Mayor, and presides in the Mayor’s absence.


Following the March 2012 local elections, the current Sliema local council members are as follows:

Anthony Chircop – Mayor (PN)

Silvio Zammit – Deputy Mayor (PN)

Vivienne Mary Galea Pace (PN)

Paul Radmilli (PN)

Christian Busietta (PN)

Pierre Paul Portelli (PN)

John Pillow (PN)

Marianne Aquilina (PL)

Mary Camilleri (PL)

Nicolai Gauci (PL)

Michael Briguglio (AD)


Contact Information:

Sliema Local Council

Depiro Street,



T: (+356) 21337633