HARMONT AND BLAINE, the international brand leader, renowned for its characteristic Mediterranean flair in the luxury segment, which held their first fashion collection in Capri in 1995, and, which some months ago opened a franchise shop at PjazzaTigne, the Point in Sliema, will soon be expanding and moving to a more spacious shop, this time, a few steps away, and, precisely, inside the shopping mall itself. Increased business and an encouraging clientele, together with additional fashion items for women, men and children (shirts, polo-shirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, swim wear, Italian sportive shoes, belts, bags, accessories,  etc) have made the move necessary. The new shop will retain the exquisite characteristics of the present charming shop/boutique situated at Pjazza Tigne, and will continue to flaunt the traditional Harmont and Blaine fresh colour scheme of Mediterranean blue and white with complementary light beige shelving and furniture.

HARMONT AND BLAINE is an exclusive brand in luxury clothing and accessories for men, women, children, and includes a very attractive array of sportive shoes, and jeans. The accent is on exclusive design, and inspiring warm Mediterranean colours – a common denominator that run through and pervade every Harmont and Blaine creation.   Every creation is characterised by elements of pure coherence, fresh and modern elegance, and, new styles and looks that satisfy the most discerning.

The success of Harmont and Blaine is built around a philosophy that respects modern life-styles: coherence, and the idea of liberty, colour and the joy that evolve around a new exciting vision in design and fashion. This, together with a long standing direct relationship with designers and manufacturers ensures items of clothing and creations that are simply unique.  Each item incorporates and interprets a tradition of original Mediterranean fashion, a dynamic and sober style and authentic originality that all contribute to make men and women realize themselves naturally and comfortably.  The Italian label renowned for its flair and the quality of materials creates unique fashion that is at the same time casual, modern, comfortable and sophisticated. The use of only finest fabrics, defined shapes, vibrant colours, and a touch of luxury contribute to make every Harmont and Blaine item special. All the essential characteristic ingredients that distinguish every creation of this international brand are: exquisite design, a passion for quality, attention to detail and to comfort – all at a very affordable price.

In a couple of months since opening its doors, the brand has become very popular with the Maltese and foreigners alike, and has been a real hit – hence, the move to larger  premises inside the Shopping Mall on the top floor.